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RICS Building Surveying


Snagging Survey

We provide a comprehensive snagging report, this was presented to the builder and developer.

The new-build survey is suitable for homeowners that have just moved in or are still within the 2 year warranty period the builder offers to remedy issues.

Homebuyer Survey Report

This level of survey suits a wide range of conventionally built properties such as bungalows, flats or houses, although the age and type will depend on the knowledge and experience of the surveyor. It can be purchased with a current market valuation and a reinstatement value. This level of service is unlikely to suit

Room Measurement

We use a digital measure and provide a photographic report to help you see the measurements against the area measured. This service is ideal for customers that are due to have recently moved in and would benefit from having measurements of windows & main wall for ordering the correct size blinds and furniture.

Conditon Survey

We can carry out inspections of established buildings to determine their existing condition and the level of compliance with safety standards. Choose this type of Survey if you’re buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.

Structural Building Survey

A full structural survey, or full building survey as it’s sometimes called, is the most extensive – and most expensive - survey you can have on a property. It’s unnecessary for most buyers as it goes into great detail about the structural integrity of the building and any potential work the property may need.

Heat Loss Survey

We provide heat loss surveys for homeowners using the highest quality professional infrared thermal imaging equipment approach to provide valuable information on your houses.  Where faulty insulation is shown to be the cause of the heat loss we use a digital inspection camera to verify any voids in the insulation.

Home Fact Survey Report

This is the most basic type of survey. It gives an overview of the property's condition and highlights significant issues, but doesn't go into detail. A Condition Report is suitable if you're looking to buy a standard, modern property that's in good condition, and want to confirm that everything looks okay. 

Borescope Inspection

We used Borescopes to investigate missing insulation, cavity defects, hidden fungal and insect damage, corroded wall ties, conformation of hidden structures and water penetration in a variety of  buildings. The use of this type of investigation can prevent damage to building facades and wall coverings.

Cost Estimate

We can ‘hands on’ and do things like check the attic and look under floorboards before make decision to purchase your house. The report will list any defects and advise on repairs and maintenance.  We also to include projected costs and timings for any repair work recommended in the report.

TYPICAL COSTSWe’ve created the below table to include the average cost for a mortgage valuation, condition report, homebuyer survey and a building survey for a wide range of property prices. The true costs may fluctuate depending on the size of property, location.

Snagging Survey Report Cost ~ £300-500

Condition Report Cost ~ £400-550

Home Face Survey Cost ~ £450-580

Home Buyers Report with valuation Cost ~ £500-700

Structural Survey Report Cost ~ £580-780


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